Channel Partner Certification Requirements

Identiv has three separate certification programs.  One for each of their Access and Video Control software product lines, which are Velocity, ICPAM, and 3VR. 

The Velocity Certification Program:

***EFFECTIVE March 1, 2020

In addition to agreeing to their Channel Partner Agreement, Hirsch Velocity Channel Partners are required to complete the following courses:

  • Velocity Installation Course
  • Velocity Hardware Course
  • Velocity Operator Course
  • Velocity Administrator Course
  • Velocity Re-Certification Course

These courses are $300.00 (U.S.) each, but if purchased together, you will receive the discounted rate of $900.00 (U.S.) for all five courses. (NOTE: All five online courses must be purchased at the same time to receive the discounted rate.)

All of these courses are available online.  Alternatively a student could take the Four-Day Instructor-Led Course, which covers the same material and provides Velocity Certification.

Courses are only current if they were based on a version that is currently supported.  So for example, if Velocity 3.5 is the oldest currently supported version and training for that product began September 2012 then every course prior to September 2012 is expired.  

Additional courses, such as the Basic Cryptography Course and the Identification Card Course, are optional.

If a student wanted to take all the courses online then the total cost would be $1,500.00  (See available discount above.)

The ICPAM Certification Program:

To become certified in the ICPAM product, you must complete either the Online ICPAM Course (LCC -070) or the Instructor Led ICPAM Course (STR - I).  The Online Course is $500, is an On-Demand course so you may take it at any time and fit it into your schedule.  The Instructor Led Course has the advantage of providing hands-on instruction and a classroom / lab environment and costs $2000. 

The 3VR Certification Program:

To become certified in the 3VR product, you are required to complete the following online courses:

  • 3VR Installation Course
  • 3VR Operator Course
  • 3VR Administrator Course

Each online course is $300, and all online courses are On-Demand, so you may take them at any time and fit them into your schedule.


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