Should I take an Instructor-Led Course or an Online Course to learn about Identiv's Products and Services?

If someone was to take the five online courses entitled: Installation, Hardware, Velocity Operator, Velocity Administrator, and Re-Certification, then they would theoretically receive the same content as someone attending the four-day instructor-led course.  The five online courses cost $1,500  (NOTE: Discount available in the Velocity Certification bundle.)

By contrast, the instructor-led course costs $1,700 - plus you have the expense from hotel rooms, airfare, meals, et cetera.  

Some people prefer online training because they can fit it into their schedule, they avoid the travel time away from home, and the ability to stop the course and rewind the material if they want to review something. 

Others prefer instructor-led training because there is a trainer physically in front of them that they can ask specific questions to immediately.  This is an advantage, but it obviously has associated expense. 

If someone is intimidated by the process of online training then they should definitely consider an instructor-led course.  If the student feels like that have a lot of unique questions that require an in-person instructor than instructor-led training would be a better choice. 

If the student is very price sensitive and computer literate then an online course might make more sense. 

 If I am a dealer, do I have to take any additional classes beyond the Instructor-Led Course?

Yes.  If someone wanted to become dealer certified they would have to take the Velocity Installation Course as well as the Instructor-Led Course.  The Velocity Installation Course isn't offered in an instructor-led format. 

Are courses like Basic Cryptography or the Identification Card Course also available as instructor led courses?

No.  Courses that are relatively short are not taught in an instructor led format.  Students aren't likely to gather in a central location for a two hour class.  Also flying a trainer out to teach a short class like that becomes cost prohibitive.

When purchasing classes online, can I use a credit card or do I have to use PayPal?

You can use a credit card.  We use PayPal for our credit card payment processor because they are very inexpensive, but they have given some customers the mistaken impression that you need a PayPal account to purchase courses.  Simply, click the “Send Payment via PayPal” button then fill out the information under “Don’t have a PayPal account?” and press “Continue.”  Then you will receive the expected screen to enter in your credit card details:

You do not have to choose to create a PayPal account if you do not want one.

How do I sign up someone to a course with my credit card?  I don't want to take the class, but I've been assigned to pay for it.

The actual student must be logged into the Academy to enroll in a class.  You can ask them to create an account, sign-in, and then leave the room while you type in the credit card information – but it has to be their account.  You can also ask them for the username and password, then login to register for them, then ask them to change the password once they are enrolled.

If you are just responsible for paying for the course, you do not need to create an account on the Academy.

I'm having trouble using my American Express Card to purchase Online Course, is it supported?

Our payment processor says it supports American Express, but we've noticed customers have trouble using it.  You are more than welcome to try using American Express, but if it doesn't work then we would encourage to utilize another payment method.  

Who should I contact if I have a non-training related technical question?

Please call the technical support team at 949-250-8888 or to open a support ticket online at http://support.identiv.com/contact/

Last modified: Tuesday, September 7, 2021, 11:53 PM